19. May, 2019

Alison Jackson - Truth is Dead

Fotografiska - Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden

Another fabulous exhibition at this outstanding Swedish Photography Gallery, this time sharing the work of renowned photographer Alison Jackson who never shy’s away from pushing the boundaries

Excellent (almost believable) scenes/shots depicting tongue in cheek celebrity humour, like Trump in compromising positions, Queen Elizabeth on the toilet and Barack Obama having a cheeky cigarette!

With an emphasis on the ‘fake’ Alison explores how easy it is to trick the viewing public and make them believe what the photographer wants them to believe, all in all, quite popinitant in the current political climate

The show if full of surprise, humour and extreme talents, not to be missed!  It’s different, it’s controversial, it’s provocative but most of all, it fun.

The show ends on the19th May 2019, however, please check out her website and any future up and coming shows below:

Website: https://www.fotografiska.com/sto or http://www.alison-jackson.co.uk/