25. Feb, 2019

Tracey Emin - A Fortnight of Tears

White Cube, 144-152, Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3TQ

Tracy’s latest show based at London’s free and contemporary White Cube Exhibition space on Bermondsey Street (near London Bridge.

‘A Fortnight of Tears’ exhibition fills the whole space and features various genre such as film, sculpture, photography, drawing and of course, painting and represents some of Tracy’s most poignant memories and emotions from this period.

The main room features a large collection of huge photographic self-portraits taken from her bed (insomnia selfies) and in various other rooms you will find a collection of her painting and drawings, some films and some personal sculptures.

Whether you like her or not, Tracy’s work is controversial, poetic, happy, sad, and very personal and not to every ones taste, however, this is a free exhibition which allows everyone to make up their own mind at no cost to the viewer and your probably witnessing a little piece of history in the making, whatever the outcome of your viewing. Go see it!

The exhibition ends on the 7th April 2019

Website: https://whitecube.com/exhibitions/exhibition/tracey_emin_bermondsey_2019