9. May, 2018

Frankie Vah at The Soho Theatre

21 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3NE

This one man touring show was an immediate hit with us, Frankie steams his way through all things 1987! Crazy Love, radical politics, and unlimited indie vibes.  

It’s hard to pin-point exactly what this show is but its definitely a play, poetry and a drama all rolled into one.

Dealing with poignant issues include love, loss and 80s politics, it load, is fast and its gripping, because Frankie makes it so.

Great visual and audio backing tracks and images support the piece along, with a large slice of Morrissey just to set the scene

"The story begins in Essex where Simon Mortimer is the son of a vicar and not the least bit happy about it. As a disenfranchised non-believer, he rebels against his parents and after meeting the woman of his dreams at a party, he leaves the stable middle-class life to reinvent himself as the charismatic performance poet, Frankie Vah, scraping by in a London flat”

Its fast, funny, sharp and edgy, if you like something a little different, give it a go and if you miss it at the Soho Theatre keep an eye out for it elsewhere, it was a breath of fresh air from a very talented artist

Finishes at the Soho Theatre on 5th May (but check listings for further shows)