15. Apr, 2018

Casa de Serralves

R. de Serralves 1052, Porto, Portugal

Serralves is a Contemporary Art Museum combining neoclassical, romantic and art deco elements, a stunning landscaped Park and a beautiful Pink Villa (constructed between 1925 and 1944) are examples of Modernism and Art Deco Architecture in one setting.

With the Museum, designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira and Villa Casa de Serralves designed by architect José Marques da Silva both complimenting each other perfectly, both stunning in design and location, and if for some reason you decide not to enter the museum its simple a pleasure to meander around the park grounds, amongst the huge assortment of lush trees, the rose garden, the sculpture garden and the lake with its own Avant Gard lake house, not to mention the beautifully aligned and tiered fountains.

A wonderful place to visit if you fancy leaving the hussle and bustle of the centre of town, its only approx. 25 minutes away, you can even grab the original old tram that follows the sea inlet and walk up through the park and make a half day excursion of it, you won’t be disappointed.