4. Feb, 2018

Tate Modern – Modigliani

Bankside, London, SE1, United Kingdom

If you like Modigliani’s works then you will ‘love’ this exceptional & stunning collection.

With his unique approach and style, these wonderfully executed pieces will make you want each and every one of them hanging from your living room wall!

From his gorgeous self- portraits to evocative nudes, this beautiful collection of inspired 20th century art is just to die for!

Some pieces controversial in their day (around 1917) causing controversy, chatter and in some cases censorship but that’s all over now and they are all here in the UK to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Including some lesser-known works, the collection just keeps on giving, from his exquisite sculptures and enthralling portraits of his high profile friends such as Picasso, Brancusi & Constantin, they are all here to enjoy, Bravo!

This amazing exhibition continues until 2nd April 2018