20. Jan, 2018

Getty Images Gallery – 2017 in Focus

46 Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8DX

Interesting little gallery just off Oxford street, central London thats unusually free to peruse. This time the Getty Images Gallery presents 2017 in Focus, a quirky and eclectic retrospective collection of beautiful images that summaries news worthy events that happened in n2017 from across the world stage.

Award-winning Getty photographers were out and about snapping 24/7 covering global events as and when they happened, always at the forefront and always ready and the results are stunning

Portraits, news, global events, sports, entertainment events and natural disasters such as the Grenfell tower tragedy, it’s all here and captured in time from both home and abroad.

This exhibition summarises the emotions and experience of its subjects in real time and is a fascinating insight into how much can happen over the course on just one year.

This exhibition is on until 3rd February 2018.