7. Nov, 2017

Jewish Museum London – Designs on Britain

Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert Street, London NW1 7NB

Fabulous iconic designs from a Jewish perspective and all created by immigrants who moved to Great Britain for a better life in the early part of the 20th Century.

Pioneering ideas, ingenious creations and contemporary designs run right through this exhibition that radically transformed British design and that still ring true today.

Iconic posters, classic children’s toys, memorable book covers, colourful magazines, modernistic radios and many, many more objects to ponder over, a great little exhibition of creativity and design memorabilia from a time gone by.

From the classic ‘70s Raleigh Chopper bike to original poster designs for London Transport, a great little exhibition and well worth a visit (the museum also houses its permanent collection of Jewish Artefacts available to browse over various floors within the museum).

 Designs on Britain Exhibition is on from: 19 October 2017 - 15 April 2018