8. Jun, 2017

Victoria and Albert Museum – Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL

This exciting and stunning exhibition shares the craft of Spain’s most influential couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Offering a peek at over 100 pieces of beautifully crafted designs by both ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers, that has been influenced by his style and genius to the present day.

Deep in the heart of the V&A (and as part of the Museum permanent fashion section) you will findBalenciaga’s vast array of jaw dropping, show stopping masterpieces.

X-ray photography helps to show the secrets of his incredibly workman ship and cuts through his trade mark swathes of fabrics and corsets to reveal how he did it and a digitized section breaks down the intricacies built in to his bespoke pattern cutting.

The show emphasises just how ahead of his time Balenciaga actually was, his bold, cutting edge creations will have you swooning one after the other, after the other, after the other!

Then there is the second section (upper floor) dedicated to his legacy and highlighting the amazing influence he’s had and still has, on fashion world after all of these years.

From Dior (his muse) to Rocha, Goddard, Klein and many more the garments just keep coming, each beautiful in their own right, there’s no other word for it, the man was a fashion genius and without doubt deserves the title of Fashion Icon with the fashion world still obsessed with his designs to this day.

This is a ‘must see’ and is at The V&A until 18th February 2018 so no excuses!