10. Jan, 2017

Barbican Centre - The Vulgar, Fashion Redefined

Barbican Centre, Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS

‘Vulgarity exposes the scandal of good taste’ Adam Phillips

Vulgar, Fashion redefined is an extremely mixed bag from the renaissance to the contemporary, over 120 stunning fashion design objects are on display in this thought-provoking and wanderlust exhibition, shared partly by public collections and partly by private worldwide collections.

Made to question ones perceptions around taste, each piece is fascinating in its own right, not always beautiful or desirable but always challenging and inspiring; proving that one person’s vulgar can be another’s beauty.

Some of the pieces featured in the exhibition are over 500 year old and even then they possibly challenged societies perceptions and with pieces designed from over 40 different designers you can’t help be drawn in by some of the spectacular and fascinating garments on show.

Co-curator Judith Clark said: “It’s meant to celebrate, not to humiliate.” And it does, there is something that will fascinate everyone in this collection, you don’t have to be a fashion buff to enjoy it, some of the pieces are more than just garments, thay are pieces of art.

Some of the garments featured, provided from houses such as Christian Dior and Chloé, and fashion designers like Pam Hogg, Viktor & Rolf and Vivienne Westwood will have you questioning yourself… Vulgar or fabulous!

Simply stunning, a must see.

13 October 2016 - 5 February 2017