15. Nov, 2016


Museum of London

150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN


A great little collection of Punk memorabilia, short personal stories and edgy private photographs that summarise the punk period perfectly.


“Punk first hit London in 1976 and changed music, fashion and attitude forever. The music was frantic, loud and unlike anything heard before”


Experience a snapshot of the way young Londoners who lived as punks, lived it to the max, see examples of the period clothing, handmade music mixtape sleeves and DIY fanzines that were all part of the punk movement.


A great touch to the exhibition is the film on loop that shows people now returning to the haunts of their youth, their former punk hang outs across London Town such as The Kings Road, Worlds End (where Vivienne Westwood’s first shop called Sex was situated) which played a major part in defining the look of the punk movement


“This exhibition simply lets punks tell their stories and in so doing, it emulates punk’s rejection of stuffy cultural codes in favour of naïve experimentation and spontaneity”


Loved it!


1 October 2016 - 15 January 2017