4. Oct, 2016

Rarity Gallery – Mykonos

KALOGERA 20 - 22, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

“RARITY GALLERY was established in the centre of Mykonos in 1995. It was the first in Greece to exhibit the works of internationally acknowledged contemporary artists. The main goal of the gallery is to offer an original, selected and carefully composed aesthetic experience to strengthen the appreciation of contemporary art, while valorising the artists, their exposure and reputation”

Approximately five new solo exhibitions are show in this beautiful gallery each year and alongside their in-house collections, you will see pieces from a new generation of artists sitting alongside works by creative innovators and established artist alike.

Pieces range from sculptures, paintings, photography and visual art that are all guaranteed to blow your mind, If you like art that pushes the boundaries then you will love what Rarity has to offer, edgy, contemporary, unique and amazing with something for everyone.