19. Sep, 2016

David Bowie & Blondie – Snap Galleries

12 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH

If you like these two then you had better be quick, this exhibition is only on until 24th September before all of these limited edition photographs get either sold or auctioned off.

In the first part of Martyn Goddard’s excellent photography exhibition shows photographs of Blondie (and Debbie Harry) taken in and around New York and London from around 1978 in some of the most iconic setting one can imagine:

“The recording studio for their Parallel Lines album; on stage and offstage in Philadelphia supporting Alice Cooper; at New York’s Palladium Theatre; in NYC’s Gramercy Park hotel for a Sunday Telegraph cover feature; on a New York rooftop for a shoot for the cover for their ‘Best of Blondie’ LP; and finally in London for a gallery launch to promote the release of their ‘Picture This’ single”.

As if the first part of Martyn’s exhibition wasn’t brilliant enough, he then presents unseen photographs of one of the biggest British Artists of all time, Mr David Bowie.

This “intimate set of previously unpublished black and white photographs of David Bowie were uncovered, fifty years after they were first taken” and they are all pretty special.

“These intimate portraits, set against a roll of no-seam studio background paper, show David Bowie in playful mood: in face paint, miming, laughing and smiling, throwing shapes, sitting in yoga positions, and clowning around in a superhero sweater and a bowler hat”

If you like Debbie and Dave then go and see these fascinating photographs all together for the last time while you still can, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these images will not be around for long and certainly will never be seen all together, ever again.