18. Aug, 2016

Yerma at The Young Vic Theatre

The Young Vic Theatre, 66 The Cut, London SE1 8LZ

Awards, awards, awards for Ms. Piper immediately! WoW! what a performance, stunning, powerful, agonising, exhausting, intense, heart felt acting at its very best and the rest of the cast were pretty good too (especially the mother in the play) that earned them a standing ovation and 3 encores.

A fantastic rendition of Yerma (Barren) the play by Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca first written and performed in 1934 but brought kicking and screaming (literally) right up to modern day by this magnificent company of actors and creators, spell binding.

Billie Piper plays Yerma, a woman desperate to have a child and the drama this entails with her partner, family and friends. 2 hours on a runaway rollercoaster with no interval enhances the performances and they won’t let you get of the ride until they decide its finished!

On from 28 July to 24 September 2016, unfortunately all tickets for all shows are ‘completely’ sold out, however, there’s a returns queue from 6.30pm onwards for both evening and afternoon matinees and your wait will not be wasted.

If the show extends or moves to the West End, we would HIGHLY recommend it, however, if you are of sensitive nature, you may want to think twice. 10/10.