25. Jul, 2016

Through the Mill -Southwark Playhouse

77-85 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD

3 Judy’s for the price of one and they were ‘all’ magnificent. Through the Mill summarises the life and times of Judy Garland’s at three stages of the superstars life (as a child, a young woman and middle age) noting her rise to fame through MGM in the 1930s up to her famous sell-out concert at the Palace Theatre in the early 1950s.

Featuring a wide selection of classic Judy scores, banged out cleverly by all 3 Judy’s, this is a moving portrayal of legend whose life was full of both ups and downs and from funny to tragic, but don’t worry, you will get a fantastic rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ to guide you home via the yellow brick road.

6th - 30th July 2016