4. Jul, 2016


Palazzo Cipolla, Via del Corso, 320, 00186 Roma

Well if anyone can sniff out Banksy in Rome, then we did! An excellent selection of 120 original Banksy artworks from an international private collection (& none removed from the street!)

The exhibition is titled, War, Capitalism & Liberty and features many paintings, prints and sculptures of Banksy’s work that apparently have never been seen in public before.

A wide and varied collection of pieces were out on display (a substantive amount!) and ranged from some that you may recognise immediately to some that you won’t have seen before but won’t forget in a hurry!

We found this collection epitomized Banksy and offered a wider ‘international’ audience the chance to see this master’s work all in one place.

This Banksy authorised show runs at the Palazzo Cipolla Museum in Central Rome from 24 May to 4 September and If you’re in Rome at this time, DON’T miss it!