19. Jun, 2016

Black Cultural Archives

1 Windrush Square, London, Brixton SW2 1EF

Launched in 2014 and right on the doorstep we have passed many times and planned to go in, now we have and it was worth the wait.  For thirty years the founders of these archives have planned to open a museum that would be dedicated to Black Culture and here it is, at last.

Originally thought of as far back as 1981 materials and important historical artifacts have been collected over this period to represent black people in Britain with an aim to promote an understanding of Black cultural heritage, shared through its many collections and exhibitions.

The lovely little museum also offers a great café (with an outdoor courtyard) selling a variety of drinks and tasty cakes and a gift shop selling interesting and related products such as original vases, art work, crockery & books etc.

Brixton’s BCA's also provides learning spaces, continually updated exhibitions and various related events.

Make it part of your visit if you’re ever in Brixton, this week’s exhibition is Rastafari in Motion and was just £3 entry.