16. Jun, 2016

The New Tate Modern

Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG

Members Private View

We were lucky enough to attend the grand opening of the amazing brand new building belonging to the Tate Modern, Switch House. As we walked around, some of it was still under construction (a few more installations are going in) However, what we saw we loved! This impressive structure rises ten-story’s high and apparently sits on top of the original Tanks.

The original part of the Tate was designed as a power station by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1950s and this has not been forgotten, the new section compliments and incorporates this through its contemporary design, in a respectful way not forgetting its roots.

We likened it to an ancient Mayan pyramid that had been revamped and transported straight into the twenty first century. The, what is sure to become iconic, perforated brick lattice allows the daylight to pass through creating wonderful and beautiful shapes on the super smooth cemented interior walls and the interior lights to glow and shine through into the evening.  

In addition It brings an extra 9/10 floors, a restaurant and members bar, to what was already there and will be dedicated to photography, film, live art and various other  installations.  

The top floor hosts an amazing open viewing terrace with 360 degrees views across the London rooftops and with its excellent location on the river, even more wow factor.

The modern, airy, industrial feel offers a lot more open space for visitors to explore and even just hang out. We think it will be a resounding success, it already is for us!

Access is free; however you will probably have to queue whilst everyone becomes familiar with London’s latest Landmark.

It truly is a great new space and we can’t wait to back again!