5. Jun, 2016

Jeff Koons at Newport Street Gallery, London

Newport St, London SE11 6AJ

 ‘Now’ is the first major UK exhibition to be devoted JK since ‘Jeff Koons: Popeye Series’, at the Serpentine Gallery in 2009

Jeff Koons, you either love him or hate him, we love him!  Controversial and apparently considered one of the most significant artists to have emerged in the post-war era. With a portfolio spanning from the late 1970s, his eclectic and very diverse (to say the least) works cover many themes from beauty, consumerism mass culture and taste (which he is not to everyone’s!) Warning: some VERY explicit pieces are featured.

Hirst’s own collection features some pieces that have never been shown in the UK before including one of Koons’s earliest works, Inflatable Flowers (1979) a vinyl blow-up flower displayed on a mirrored floor tile. If you love modern art then you should love this, with its bold splashes of colour and the use of everyday objects, you'd wish you would have thought of some of it!