13. Feb, 2020

London - Daffodil Mulligan

70-74 City Road, London EC1Y 2BJ

Celeb Chef Michael Corrigan’s new venture with the slightly unusual name is apparently, named after an Irish street sellers’ daughter from back in the day, made famous in a traditional Irish folk song.

This large but cosy space, with its open kitchen, large open flamed charcoal grill oven and raw wood & wicker theme, is both welcoming and low key all at the same time, there’s even a dedicated oyster bar (which were delicious by the way!).

Serving modern Irish dishes, made right in front of your eyes, and all as fresh as a daisy (or should we say daffodil!) with a large proportion of the ingredients actually grown on Corrigan’s own estate.

The food choices are fresh and exciting, offering beauties such as fresh oysters, crab with lovage & pickled pear, beef tartare with clams & oysters, pork belly direct from the open grill and a sirloin dressed in anchovy, parsley, and capers, which was stunning (in fact it was all stunning),

The atmosphere was alive, not too rowdy but enough spirit to create a vibe, there’s a lovely bar space downstairs for drinks either before or after dinner and even a small stage for live music, if that’s your thing! (it is an Irish influenced restaurant after-all).

Drinks were great too, with Irish stout, Cork dry gin & Irish apple brandy all keeping to the spirit of the truly Irish theme.

A supercool restaurant, serving great quality food, cooked right in front of you by top class Chefs, couldn’t fault it and well worth a visit.

Website: https://www.daffodilmulligan.com/