16. Oct, 2019

London – Flor

1 Bedale Street, London SE1 9AL

Located right in the heart of the ever buzzy, vibrant, atmospheric Borough market. This new little number fits in perfectly and is this latest venture following their success with Lyles Restaurant in Shoreditch. Flor can definitely cut its cloth and has easily earned its stripes, already

Wine bar come baker come restaurant, Flor has and does it all, this super cosy and petite space is spread over two very small floors, setting the scene for a wonderfully relaxed evening of top-quality food tasting

We went for a combination of small tasting plates that we shared, the oysters were plump, fresh and delicious, the anchovies were succulent and bursting with flavour, the orange scented prawns were a dream and the mutton just melted, we also tried their smoked eel (slightly hesitantly) which was beautiful and subtle and went down a treat, with all of these dishes washed down nicely with a couple of bottles of their beautiful natural bubbles, Maule Garg’n’go sparkling, all delicious.  

If you are not lucky enough to bag a table, there is some counter top dining on a first come first served basis but the small, cosy dining room on the second floor accessed by a small spiral staircase is a great place to socialise and eat.

Be warned, Flor is not that big and is currently very popular, so please book early if you want to avoid disappointment, its well worth the wait, the food was delicious.

Website: https://florlondon.com/