15. Dec, 2018

Maison Bab

4 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9FA

There’s no other word for it, Posh Kebabs served on shiny golden platters and why not, if the food lives up to its reputation then go for it and the food at MB certainly does.

You will find Maison Bab spread across two-floors of swish interior design, that is not your average kebab shop or your average location, its right in the heart of Covent Garden’s contemporary Mercer Walk re-development.

The menu is very reasonably priced and you can choose to either share a combination of dishes or just go it alone.

There are a wide choice of classis kebabs with a twist (more modern and less overfilled) the Rotisserie-grilled Lamb Kebab was amazing, as was the smoky and sweet pork shawarma and the Flatbread, dips and chunky chips were all delicious especially when dipped in the MB House sauce or the extremely cheesy thick-set fondue dip, delish!

But it doesn’t stop there, choose to sit at a comfortable table, a cosy booth or even eat at the bar overlooking the kitchen, where you can sample the large and interesting cocktail list, good choice of beers or a great choice of natural wines.

If you love a kebab in a funky setting then MB is your place! Enjoy, we did, yum!

Website: https://www.maisonbab.com/