12. Nov, 2018

Cora Pearl

30 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8NA

You will find the adorable and atmospheric Cora Pearl (apparently named after one of the 19th century’s most celebrated & notorious Parisian courtesans) in Henrietta Street, a small bustling street in Covent Garden, bursting with a number of quirky and interesting eating establishments.

Beautifully adorned with a nod to the decadence of the period but adding more modern touches to avoid creating a period theme. The restaurants interior are well-coming, relaxing, cosy and very comfortable and fit perfectly into the theatre district of Covent Garden.

The food has a Modern British twist with a Parisian flavour and even hints of Spain and Portugal. We had a selection of small plates followed by a main, the shrimps with Cayenne on toast (Ranhöfer) were perfect, the devilled eggs were buttery and spicy, the garlic cheese bread was hearty and the Fish Stew (which arrived nude until the waiter poured over the most amazingly aromatic bright yellow seafood bouillabaisse) was to die for! Not forgetting the roasted cod with spiced crab served with chunky hand cut chips roasted caulis flour cheese which was rich, mouth-watering and very satisfying!

We finished with the pureed Pumpkin Curd, Ginger Ice Cream & Pecans which didn’t let us down, yum! Oh and we were presented with a little hand-made in-house petit-chocolate on a decorated plate (we had a Birthday) which just melted in the mouth and which was a very nice gesture!  And all accompanied by crisp white vintage linen napkins and original vintage cutlery, just adding to the 19th century vibe.

The cocktail menu is generous, making it difficult to choose but when you do, you will delight in the combinations that are on offer and the house Cava was fresh, sweet, bubbly and incorrigible.

The team also run Kitty Fisher's in Mayfair and when you have been to CP you will immediately get the chic & classy connection

Ideal for that pre-theatre dinner but equally suiting for that extra special occasion.

Website: https://www.corapearl.co.uk/