17. Dec, 2017

Call Me Mr Lucky

11 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RQ

Cheeky little cool cocktail bar that requires a secret password to gain entry (sorry guys not allowed to spill the beans it’s a rite of passage!). Just beneath the London Bridge Breakfast Club, where you ‘must’ repeat the password to the door person if you are to gain entry!.

It took us a while to work the password out once we finally did, the waves parted and we were in, down the stairs, through the kitchen and into what can only be described as a great little atmospheric venue.

A great array of cocktails, at affordable prices, a wonderful cosy atmosphere, lots of colourful fairy lights, graffiti art and some cute little side booth drinking alcoves (if you get there early!).

We’re told the Tequila is a big seller at Mr Luckys, but we worked our way through the lot! There’s Gin, vodka and whiskey combos that are all feature on this eclectic drinks menu just for fun-seekers!.

Words to describe at night at Mr Luckys, secret, atmospheric, fun, friends, sociable and of course, cocktails! So go on, go and get lucky!