9. Dec, 2017

The Sympathetic Ear

37 Tulse Hill, Brixton, London SW2 2TJ

Another new Brixton drinking den but this time its created by the gang who brought us the excellent Canopy Beer Co (in nearby Herne Hill).

Both bar and bottle shop, selling a massive (and we mean massive) collection of both brewery’s own and a large collection of independent beers from around the UK (and the globe) and at very competitively prices with a large proportion of their pints at under a fiver.

It’s not just the beers that are attractive either, this well thought out contemporary venue is cool, the atmosphere is friendly and mixed and its perfect to relax and hang in and just sample whatever is on offer (but take heed, you could be there all week!)

There are also a few nibbles, such as their take on Welsh rarebit (a cheese spread) served with freshly baked toast, we didn’t try it but we hear it goes really well with the right beer (which they will quite happily advise you on).

Go check it out, if you like beer and wine, it’s a done deal, we will be back for sure!