15. Jun, 2017

Zobler's Deli

The Ned - 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8BP

The Ned is London’s newest top end hotel and member's club from Soho House founder Nick Jones and its huge!  Formerly the headquarters of HSBC, its at 27 Poultry in the City Of London. This Grade 1 listed building's features 92 African verdite columns and lots and lots of marble and is absolutely stunning!

This cavernous former banking hall feels like the set from an Al Capone Movie, its swanky, its chic, its glamorous and it’s most definitely grand

Featuring nine restaurants (2 are members only) a twenties/thirties inspired hotel, men’s grooming services and a members’ club and two swimming pool (one on the roof top but both for hotel guests & members only) It is simply exquisite and a feast for the eyes.

For our visit we decided to take lunch in Zobler’s, Inspired by the Jewish delis of New York City and that’s exactly what it felt like to eat here, They have encapsulated the feel of the roaring 1920s & 30s perfectly and transported it over to London.

Zobler’s menu of kosher-style classics was fantastic, from the Reuben sandwich and the huge Turkey club to the Twin hot dog plate (we went deluxe and got the pickles, Cole-slaw and fries added) we were happily contented and if you still have room there’s always the classic NYC cheesecake for that cheeky little corner (if you still have one!). This is a true NYC quality deli food at its best and at very affordable prices.

If you’re drawn to a bit of vintage inspired retro glamour then visit the NED, its definitely worth the trip into the city. This place oozes glamour, sophistication and there is even an old school  brass band (with a twist) set up in the main entrance playing modern classics such as thriller (by MJ) and I’m only human (by R&BM) which was a very nice touch and even had guests up and dancing.