22. Apr, 2017


50 Baker Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7BT

Offering a modern twist on traditional Turkish street food, Yosma (Turkish for jade) offers great quality re-visited Turkish street food and turns it on its head, presenting you with dishes that are bursting with flavour that will have you wanting more.  

A wide selection of small-plates, including the classics, such as meze, baba ganoush, lemon yoghurt dips, grilled, baked and stuffed vegetables that all went perfectly with  their beautifully presented and tasty lamb and chicken köfte kebabs, Lamb steak, beef short-rib, dumplings with chilli and all accompanied by their amazing freshly baked (on-site) fermented freekeh bread and if you like a  good dessert, why not try their highly recommended traditional künefe (filo pastry, lemon syrup, and white cheese) bet you will be back for more.

There’s no sign of the ‘Traditional Turkish Restaurant’ here (apart from the beautifully crafted wood fire at the back of the restaurant) the design is very contemporary, with a huge open-plan room, shiny white tiles, set off by the lovely marble counters and gorgeous hanging light fixtures throughout the space, creating a comfortable, relaxed and warm feel, even in such a large open room.

To add, great portion sizes, good quality ingredients, lots of Turkish flavours (and Turkish wine!) with wonderful service, they even had a customer chart pin-pointing ‘exactly’ what ingredients were in ‘every dish’ to avoid any nasty experiences for those that have allergies (a really really nice touch we thought!).

Yosma helps sets the standard for good quality contemporary Turkish Cuisine.