12. Mar, 2017

Bar Douro

Arch 35b, Flat Iron Square, Union St, London SE1 1TD

Bar Douro is one of the more permanent fixtures of Flat Iron Square’s railway arches foodie complex. This traditionally styled Portuguese restaurant knows exactly what it’s doing and it does it well.

Fresh, modern and stylish a little bit of Lisbon brings its heritage to London town. Apparently the founder Max Graham's family have been producing Churchill’s Port in the Douro Valley for 200 years, so there are no excuses for not trying one (or two!)

Gorgeous traditional Portuguese blue-and-white tiles adorn the restaurant walls, offering a taste of the traditional tascas of Lisbon & Porto and with its rustic vibe, open kitchen, beautifully curved marble-counters tops facing out onto the square and its stunning one-page menu, it is a celebration of all the good and great things that have managed to come out of  Portugal

The selection of small plates just kept coming and each and every one was exceptional, we even got a surprise dish thrown in on the house, the milk-fed lamb which was delicious and a very nice touch! Salty hash, creamy croquettes, Portuguese spicy sausages, roast suckling pig and fish goujons (recommended) and not forgetting the port, of course, the list went on and every dish just got better than the last.

Our Portuguese waitress was fabulous, knowledgeable, happy and fun which added to our experience, she clearly loved what she does and so did we, we ‘are’ coming back!

Bar Douro, noted by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, one of the best restaurant’s in London right now, so if you’re down that way, pop in you’re in for a treat and it’s a lot closer than popping to Portugal.