12. Mar, 2017

Corazon Taqueria

29 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 8QR

The moment we walked in, we loved the vibe of this place!  Tucked away from the Central London madness, this stylish little gem situated on Poland Street in Soho offers great hospitality, great interiors and above all great food.

There’s a selection of delicious tacos (lamb, duck to chorizo) the ‘baja fish’ option was delicious (recommended) there blue’ tortillas, , beer-battered fish with chipotle mayo but the best part was the traditional sweetcorn-and-cheese street food snack, which is made by grilling whole cobs of corn, then stripping off the blistered, blackened kernels, adding dry spices, chilli mayo (made with aromatic guajillo chillies) adding a hit of lime and then crumbled cow’s milk cheese on top, this was recommended by the waiter and boy were we glad he did, it was the highlight of the meal (highly recommended) It’s sweet, its smoky and it’s a cheesy dish that will have you coming back for more!

Loved the interiors too, inspired by the art deco craze of 1920/30s Los Angeles and Mexico City but with a modern twist that made it their own (Loved the pseudo vintage crystal water glasses too).

Walls were mostly unadorned, but with its great lighting, delicious herringbone parquet flooring and its stay clean formica tables, you immediately get the vintage deco vide they have happily pulled off, there’s subtle retro soul and funk tunes playing in back ground (even in the appropriately peach-and-avocado loo) and the staff were helpful, chatty and friendly. 

Walk-ins are encouraged but reservations are possible and recommended, we visited on a Monday evening and the place was still busy!