12. Mar, 2017

Duck Duck Goose

Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ


Another little foodie gem fitting perfectly into Pop Brixton’s super cool sea container village.


Its kitsch, its camp and its fabulous! Duck Duck Goose (DDG) pays homage to the retro Cantonese canteen, offering a simple but chock full of flavour menu that lovers of Cantonese food will applaud. Inspired by Hong Kong’s street food, DDG sits within the capable hands of the chef from the Honkers Continental who happily now has his own joint, which is great for all of us!


Sea containers in general are small with not a lot of room to work with but DDG has made their venue snug, quirky and comfortable, there is a great little window seat, a bench, a few mini booths and a larger sharing table, that spans the width of the container. All in all its cosy, very cosy.


They serve what they say in their name! accompanied by a selection of rice, assorted greens wok-fried turnip cakes and delicious deep fried Salsify (recommended) DDGs birds all air-dried and roasted on site, hung and on display in their own glass smoker/dryer before being served up with a taster of pickles, plum sauce and mustard, and if that’s not enough, there are some delicious steamed fish dishes, seafood, belly pork and assorted Stir-fries and there’s even a soy ice cream, as served in the traditional tea restaurants of Hong Kong.