12. Mar, 2017

Bó Drake

6 Greek Street, Soho, London W1 4DE

An ‘East Asian barbecue restaurant’ serving an unusual mix of American/Mexican and Asian fusion dishes, all to a very high standard.

An assorted mash up of flavours that work well  and will kept your dining experience interesting, with Korean style long-smoked mini burgers served in a bao bun, smoked pork ribs, pan-fried cauliflower, chargrilled rib-eye steak with miso butter, crunchy sweet potato fries, assorted tortillas, crispy squid (recommended) and delicious Kimchi quesadillas, it’s great to try and taste everything.

Large communal tables up front, smaller cosy tables at the back and a long bar, where you can eat or drink, there’s plenty of space, with its dimly lit industrial steel, concrete and wooden vibe there’s a distinctive NYC & LA meets Soho vibe going on here .

There’s a cocktail list serving the classics with the ‘longer drinks’ getting a particular shout out! A small selection of wines and bubbles and a couple of good beers too (Brooklyn Lager or Camden Pale Ale).

This place is busy (its Soho) so you can only have your table for two hours, but be careful, that can fly by and they are sharp, we had to finish our drinks off at the bar, as out time was up on the dot.