13. Dec, 2016

Savoir Faire

42 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1EP

Hidden away in the back streets of Holborn, this little family run French gem is well worth a visit if you like your French classics.  

Heavily decorated with hand painted murals, the eating areas of Le Bistro Savoir Faire are brightly adorned, quirky and individual, which just about sums this place up.

Great value for money on both the a la carte and set menus and ‘perfect’ for a light-hearted Christmas dinner or fun birthday party group (there were three birthday parties being held whilst we were there) a light-hearted vibe from a family who want you to have a good time.

Apparently the menus change every couple of weeks, however, the classics still remain (such as boeuf bourguignon, classic steaks and the Tarte Tatin)  As you would expect the wine list was extensive and comprehensive so you won’t want for a really good wine (from a reputable grower)

It was loud but in a fun way , everyone enjoyed themselves and more importantly the food and the service was perfect too, all in all the evening was a success and everyone left smiling.