14. Sep, 2016

Hill & Szrok Public House

8 East Road, Old St, London N1 6AD

Great little gastropub just off the bustling and busy Old Street roundabout, however, It’s not ‘just’ a great little gastro pub! Hill & Szrok is also a great little restaurant and a cool, modern butcher by day too, all serviced by a well revered (and acclaimed) master butcher.

Closed for an hour between six and seven, H&S opens again in the evening for dinner in its cute little rustic kitchen table-style restaurant.

Try the traditional (and original) little bar for drinks with a large selection of great beers and wines and then the busy little restaurant (with an open kitchen) awaits you.

Sometime your food will even be brought to your table by the chef himself, accompanied with a brief explanation of what you are about to eat (nice touch) and all the food is served with an emphasis on high quality cuts of meat, in a traditional British style

Go early if you don’t want to que, this place has a good reputation for meat, so it will get busy.