7. Sep, 2016

Rum Kitchen Brixton

443-445 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LN

Brixton’s latest addition (this week!) is a homage to all things Rum, serving over 200 different types of rum from all over the West Indies and Beyond along with over 40 fantastic cocktail combinations.

It’s what you’d expect, a buzzing, lively and fun atmosphere. As well as the drinks there comes a large selection of Caribbean Classis food and much more (‘bits and bobs’ ‘buns’ ‘bigger bits’ and of course there is the ‘jerk’) We went at the weekend and the place was nicely busy (but not too bust so you couldn’t move or talk) and you can even dance and it was hard not to after hearing the excellent tunes the DJ was spinning.

The whole space is surprisingly large, there’s an informal bar up front, where you can stand or sit at the bar, if you wish, more seating is dotted around the edges in the front areas and tucked away at the back there is another large  seating area split into two, one section has spacious booths for groups where you can eat and drink and the other a more traditional restaurant style area, where again, you can either eat or drink at your leisure, people even sat at the food-station area on high stools and drank amazing looking cocktails

All the classic cocktails were available (and they were delicious) including Rum Kitchen ’s more ‘innovative range’ like the Guinness Punch, Plantain Colada, the Rude Boy and the amazing LL Cool J!

If you fancy a fun night out on the town then this is it, work your way through the cocktail list at your leisure and wine the night away till the early hours, this is place is fun with a capital F.

You can also find other branches of Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill and on Carnaby Street (West End), the Brixton branch is the largest of them of them all.