26. May, 2016

The Lodge Clapham (Formerly Four O Nine)

409 Clapham Rd, London SW9 9BT

A very Intimate and tucked away little modern European venue, hidden across from the tube station and above a pub, you could so easily just walk past and not even know it is there.

Just buzz the intercom and say why your there, and you will be immediately buzzed in, walk up the stairs until you reach this very cosy little atmospheric restaurant. Candles light your way, bare-brick walls and cute little tables are dotted about, take your pick they are all lovely.

The food is simple but really tasty and you will get a good portion, attentive and friendly staff will make your experience a good one and if you’re lucky, they will have a lock-in, where a live band will play right in front of you and the bar is open LATE for cocktails galore. A tried and tested favourite of ours and a great place to take friends for a little bit of the wow factor. 

Fabulous (we loved it)