23. May, 2016

Ember Yard

60 Berwick St, London W1F 8SU

An unusual combination of both Spanish and Italian small tapas plates cooked over charcoal that actually worked! Great dishes from both countries entwined to get the best of both worlds and all set in a modern take on an art nouveau-art deco style restaurant and bar based in Soho.

Ember Yard is one of 4 restaurants that make up the Salt Yard Group (wave tried them all and they are all great!) Taking their inspiration from both Spanish and Italian methods of cooking (which you can clearly taste in the dishes) the subtle charcoal flavours will not disappoint. With a lovely airy feel and open plan kitchen on the ground floor and a cool and cosy bar on the lower ground floor, this is a great place to relax, take your time eating and enjoy.

A huge favourite.

Fabulous (we loved it)