If you want a bite to eat or a few drinks...

9. Mar, 2020

61 Rupert Street, Soho, London W1D 7PW

Soho’s brand new Sri Lankan restaurant is very hot right now. People were queuing at the door, thankfully we booked a month in advance, so if you fancy a visit book early!

The food comes in beautiful concreate small dishes and is taken from traditional Sri Lankan recipes and was definitely worth the wait, the mutton shoulder rolls and the crab empanadas were gorgeous, the egg hopper (if you haven’t had a hopper you must try one!) was delightful and the Squid Curry & the Chicken curry were both stunning and bursting with flavour.

There was only a choice of two desserts but wow! the chilli chocolate tart with pistachio ice cream was off the scale!! A definite must & still thinking about it now!!!

Apparently, the interiors were designed by the same team behind the beautiful interiors of Kiln, Smoking Goat, and Brat. The Paradise styling is more minimalist with shades of grey brushed concrete & steel, moody lighting and cosy seating areas, with a raised booth for a party of 6/8 elevated above the other seating areas and the bar stools

Please book a table in advance as you dont wanna miss out. You will love this place. 

Website: https://paradisesoho.com/



9. Mar, 2020

2 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross, London N1C 4PQ

Prepare to be dazzled, by the food that is! This really wonderful and upbeat King’s Cross restaurant will draw you back before you have even left!

There were four of us dining and none could make up their mind what to select? the menu was not too over powering, all sounded delish so we ordered the lot!! And we were not disappointed or hungry in any shape or form when we left.

The menu choices were all stunning, smoky, unapologetic, bold, subtle, creative and modern with flavours spanning from Jerusalem, North Africa and to the Middle East.

With interiors just as spectacular as the food and all designed by award-winning interior designer and co-owner Tom Dixon, you will feel spoilt, special and loved all at the same time, sitting amongst giant misshapen orbs, touches of gold, creamy steel greys, industrial twists and delicious warm woods.

From the amazing Moroccan fennel salad to the creamy rice pudding with kaffir limes and sour-cream ice cream your taste buds will travel the continent, searching for more and more of the truly good stuff found at the Coal office.

A beautiful looking restaurant that’s much, much more than just a pretty face, miss this place at your peril, you have been warned, stunning!!!

Easily a top favourite of ificould...

Website: https://coaloffice.com/



9. Mar, 2020

50 Sekforde Street, Farringdon, London EC1R 0HA

Thankfully Ozzie Bill Granger shares his exquisite new-world Japanese/South Asian style cooking with the UK food scene.

Food options are light, fresh a bursting with colour, such as sumac and pomegranate and the beetroot with labneh. Meat dishes such as the delicious sambal chicken with green papaya will go down a treat and if you like fish, then the steamed sea bass with green-tea noodles, samphire and soy mirin broth will brighten up your whole day. Dessert wise the white chocolate and pistachio pavlova was just simply yummy.

Interior wise we loved it, simple and chic with huge floor to ceiling, expansive windows, wonderfully tasteful lighting and an open airy feel to the restaurant, its elegant, glamorous, well thought out and the overall eating space is in no way over cowed. 

The staff were chatty, friendly and helpful and the laid-back location (Clerkenwell Green) is the perfect setting with a wonderful selection of local bars and pubs for those pre and post dinner drinks.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, don’t miss out!

A favourite of ificould...

Website: https://grangerandco.com/



9. Mar, 2020

11-13A Market Row, Brixton, London SW9 8LB

Wonderfully tasty and filling grass-fed and dry aged beef burgers, normally only found in their various pop ups locations across London’s trendy foodie scene but now located in their first permanent restaurant space and new home, Brixton Village.

Apparently, the burgers are created using grass-fed and dry-aged beef sourced from native breeds raised in farms across the South West of England.

The affordable house Black Bear burger was succulent, bursting with flavour and a really good portion but if you don’t want burgers there always there finger-liken Chicken nuggets made from Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast, they even do a pretty hefty vegan burgers, some brisket spring rolls (which were amazing!!) or some smoked BBQ specials and all accompanied by their small but well thought out choice of cocktails, decent jugs of beer or their ‘shot skis’. What’s not to like!

With a moody NYC/Brooklyn village feel! Small intermate space and great location to go on! The staff will look after you and you will leave very content.

If you like to get down and dirty with your burgers and beers then travel no further, you have arrived.

Website: http://blackbearburger.com/



13. Feb, 2020

70-74 City Road, London EC1Y 2BJ

Celeb Chef Michael Corrigan’s new venture with the slightly unusual name is apparently, named after an Irish street sellers’ daughter from back in the day, made famous in a traditional Irish folk song.

This large but cosy space, with its open kitchen, large open flamed charcoal grill oven and raw wood & wicker theme, is both welcoming and low key all at the same time, there’s even a dedicated oyster bar (which were delicious by the way!).

Serving modern Irish dishes, made right in front of your eyes, and all as fresh as a daisy (or should we say daffodil!) with a large proportion of the ingredients actually grown on Corrigan’s own estate.

The food choices are fresh and exciting, offering beauties such as fresh oysters, crab with lovage & pickled pear, beef tartare with clams & oysters, pork belly direct from the open grill and a sirloin dressed in anchovy, parsley, and capers, which was stunning (in fact it was all stunning),

The atmosphere was alive, not too rowdy but enough spirit to create a vibe, there’s a lovely bar space downstairs for drinks either before or after dinner and even a small stage for live music, if that’s your thing! (it is an Irish influenced restaurant after-all).

Drinks were great too, with Irish stout, Cork dry gin & Irish apple brandy all keeping to the spirit of the truly Irish theme.

A supercool restaurant, serving great quality food, cooked right in front of you by top class Chefs, couldn’t fault it and well worth a visit.

Website: https://www.daffodilmulligan.com/