10. Jun, 2018

Ificould reflect...

Hi everyone!

It’s been roughly a year and a half now since Ificould was born (June 2016) mainly out of requests and prompts by family and friends for ideas and recommendations of great places to eat, drink and visit both at home and abroad. Thankfully, folk seem to like what we do which making us really happy and to see that the blog is constantly being utilised by so many! We are proud to share that at the latest check, we are fastly approaching around 117,000 hits and counting.

With that in mind, we aim to continue to enjoy exploring and sharing what we find and what’s out there, both close to home and across the globe, as and when we manage to fit it all.

The basis of the blog, is to share only ‘good feedback’ and Always on places we have actually tried and enjoyed ourselves (were not about negativity or free promotion for places that never really cut the cloth!) therefore, you will only find ‘good reviews’ that Ificould endorse on a totally personal level, however, If ever we have experienced a ‘not so savoury experience’ we are always open to a re-visit, offering another chance for an Ificould ‘positive’ review and shout out.

So please, thank you all for all of your support and please kindly keep watching and sharing this space and we will continue to share our ‘happy’ experiences for a s long as there is interest and the blogs proves useful and of course, please continue to keep following us on twitter @IFiCouldGlobe & Instagram @IFiCouldGlobe and our blog photography tab within Ificould.

Thanks all, now go out and enjoy!