12. May, 2016

Our own lifestyle blog..

Hi all,

Two Brixtonians with a taste for travel, good food, great cocktails and an all-round good time! After many years of friends and family chasing us to start our own lifestyle blog to share the  good moments we have experienced across the globe, well here it is!

We will attempt to share our 'own' experiences thus far, including restaurants, cafes, bars and cultural experiences we have managed to sniff out along the way! The things we share may 'not' be 'your' cup of tea but certain friends have similar tastes and often ask us for our recommendations and opinions.

As a seasoned qualified chef and hospitality & event professional, we both have our experiences in the field of quality dining, entertainment & hospitality to relate to, however, should you choose to try out any of the experiences or ideas we have shared on our blog, it is at your own risk! as we know, tastes vary greatly!

We are also often asked for advice on restaurants and interesting places to visit in other countries that we have also frequented and usually tailor our experiences to friends on an individual basis (personalised lists) however, by producing this blog for 'all' to access we aim to share some of our favourite places and experiences across the globe with those that have asked in the past and those that have yet to ask and may be interested and if you’re not, then maybe we can take some suggestions from you, those that know us, know we don't like to stay in!

The site is mainly constructed from a purely fun perspective, there will be errors and often typos, but hey, were only human and more interested in the experiences than the corrections!

We don’t pretend to be 'super-experts' it’s just 'us' so if you like a recommendation and don’t have the time to do the research yourself (were obsessed!) then this may just be the place for you! and If the places we recommend are not for you, then have a great time on your own adventures across the world. 

So, hope you like our blog and find it in 'some way' useful, interesting and hopefully a bit of fun at the very least! It may even save you some time, endlessly trawling through the internet to find a place to hang out.

Our photographs & commentary featured on the blog are all our own, so you’re not expected to agree! and if you do, then our job is done!

'Constructive' comments are always welcomed (with open arms) and we are aware that our experiences may not be the same as yours but these are the places we would personally recommend, we've enjoyed them and hope 'you' enjoy them as much as we did.

This blog will be updated as we explore new experiences, so keep an eye on it! 

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Enjoy! You only live once! IF xxx