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19. May, 2019

Timmermansgatan 24, 118 55 Stockholm, Sweden

Paradiso is a buzzy after work hangout where you can eat, drink or even both!

Located just off Mariatorget, this little atmospheric, relaxed restaurant does great pizza, great tapas and great rum!

With vintage-style rattan chairs, oversized indoor plants, funky murals on the walls and cool ambient lighting, the place feels cosy an ideal for a night out catching up with friends (or a lunch). 

Paradiso effortlessly blends ‘hipsters’ and ‘after workers’ into one place and it works, great atmosphere and a great place to socialise, somewhere you can eat simple, good quality dishes (fresh grilled sardines) and drink (cocktails, wine & rum) to your heart’s content. We’ve heard Paradiso has been hailed as having the best vegetarian dishes in Stockholm (well we did try the Green Salad and it was a good one!) so who are we to disagree!

Service was fun, friendly and very efficient and if you want to ‘go on’ you’re already in a good location for that.

Website: http://paradisostockholm.se/  



19. May, 2019

Sysslomansgatan 15B, 753 14 Uppsala, Sweden

The latest offering from the extremely talented restaurant group, Svenssons, masters of ‘all things’ restaurant across Uppsala.

This latest place had them queuing out of the door, beautifully styled, great views over the park and in a great location, this place will continue to be popular, so please book in advance.

With a cross between Italian (great Pizza choices) and South American influences (tacos, burritos, nachos) all done to perfection and great portion sizes (for both the meat eaters and veggies)

With its relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant and a great (almost separate section) Bar area, you can choose if you want to eat in the restaurant area (separate tables or booths) or just drink (fabulous cocktails) in the relaxed bar area, however, there are some tall tables in the bar area where you can order bar food also, so something for all tastes.

Ificould really liked Lilly's Pizzeria & Taqueria, it’s a place that caterers for all tastes, buzzy or low key, you choose and there’s even a ‘popular’ outdoor terrace up front

Make sure you book a table in advance, it’s the new ‘hip place’ in town, so its popular, very popular and rightly so, they know what they are doing this lot and do it very well

Oh and if you like bourbon, sambuca and tequila you sorted!

Website: https://www.lillys.se/  



19. May, 2019

Fyristorg 2, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala’s new kid on the block and what a ‘splash of sunshine’ it is too!

This quirky, verging on Kitsch, actually, no, it is definitely kitsch!, Thai-inspired kitchen restaurant brings a slice of the exotic to Central Uppsala and is very welcome!

Completely decorated in over the top colours and plastic flowers (there’s even a full life sized Tuk Tuk from Thailand you can sit in to eat your meal) its vibrant, it’s fun and it serves ‘really good’ authentic dishes, perfectly executed.

Offering a maze of eating spaces on various levels, you will never feel crammed in, the Thai Curries (Meat, Fish, Veggie) were outstanding and the Stir fries (Meat, fish and Veggie) exceptional too, as were the selection of traditional starters. The dessert (we had cheese cake dripping in cream) was very OTT but bursting with flavour and definitely did the trick, we went home full and very, very happy.

All in all a great experience in a ‘fun’ setting with good food! Tick!

Recommended by www.Ificould.com.uk 

Website: https://kohphangan.se/uppsala  



27. Apr, 2019

Vana-Posti 7, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

Well, Parrot Minibar is certainly a place to be explored especially if you like all things Bird! Chic, sophisticated, classy and definitely fun, a great little concept and a great little restaurant (complete with at least a couple of twists)

Think Amazonian Rainforest, think Tropical Paradise, think Exotic cocktails and your there! This is the place of dreams where Chef de cuisine Margo Paluoja conjures up some of the most beautiful and inspired dishes in all of Tallinn.

World class courses were presented one by one and the magic just kept coming all night long, in a word ‘stunning’. A tasty journey that we ‘did not’ want to stop!

The interiors set the scene for the tropical experience, with huge oversized green plants everywhere and the recorded chatter of tropical parrots creating the perfect forest ambience.

Your food journey starts with a full explanation and run through of all of the dishes on the menu, followed by the restaurants concept and how to enjoy it to the max. With a precise explanation from the ‘very’ attentive waiter, the concept immediately becomes clear, its organic, its animalistic its an experience that you wont forget. The instructions are clear, you to eat the first section of dishes with your hands, feeling the food textures and as you go with the second section of dishes eaten with oversized silver tweezers represent the beak of the bird, delicate small pieces of the dish are picked up and eaten, each bite being savoured, with all dishes as exquisite as the previous one

Even the cocktails are a tropical fantasy’s, exotic, bright, fresh and deliciously refreshing, with ingredients such as Camu Camu, a rainforest fruit from Peru and Brazil, just gorgeous but don’t fret, there are some wine selections for those with a more conservative pallet.

Every dish we experienced lived up to hype, and was completely wonderful, exquisite in appearance and sublime in taste and Parrot Minibar is a hard act to follow on the Tallinn foodie scene

The good news is, the fun doesn’t stop there, your second little surprise is the Secret Speakeasy Bar, hidden away below the restaurant in the basement (who knew!!). The presence of the bar is only shared (whispered) as you are planning to leave the restaurant, you are asked (secretly) if you would like to be shown to the secret bar and if so, you are quietly guided towards a closet door, where you coat was originally hung up on entry! ‘Walk inside to the back of the closet and duck’ we were told and hey presto, your inside and once inside you will be thrilled, a beautifully decorated retro 1930s Speakeasy bar and vintage period style drinking rooms await you, request to be seated in the room of your choice and just enjoy a beautifully crafted cocktail to die for! A wonderful little surprise to round off your amazing evening.

World class food and drink, restaurant and overall experience, a real ‘MUST’ whilst in Tallinn.

Highly recommended by www.ificould.co.uk

Website: https://www.facebook.com/parrotminibar/



27. Apr, 2019

Telliskivi 60a, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Number one destination in the Uber-hip Telliskivi Quarter, a former industrial complex offering a cool collection of art spaces, chic independent shops and fabulous restaurants & cafes & bars.

F H’s Industrial-chic with a contemporary twist offers quality menu choices; their Mixed Quatro Bruschetta board was just amazing! their home-made meat balls, mashed potato and blackcurrant jam-sauce was sublime and their Salmon Steak was just divine, there’s also a wide selection of succulent burgers, delicious salads and mouth watering desserts and a large selection of craft beers, the usual spirits and a large list of cocktails, if that’s your thing.

The funky warehouse interiors are relaxed with vintage furniture galore, a large bar that spans the length of the restaurant and very high ceilings that make the space feel light, bright and airy and all topped off with a buzzy & lively atmosphere.

F-Hoone is not only a magnet for the young and hip, the clientele cover all age groups and ‘everyone’ is welcome! Its casual during the day and still-casual for dinner and drinks during the evening, the foods great quality and the prices are really good too.

A great place to while away an afternoon or evening, eating, drinking and socialising, Loved it!

Website: http://www.fhoone.ee/