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29. Nov, 2018

Local 23-25, 29660 Puerto Banús, Málaga, Spain

A light, bright and lively American style BBQ restaurant right on the main drag of the chic hang out that is Puerto Banus.

With a modern, stylish, rustic vibe, that’s different from many of the other restaurants on the front here, it seems more modern, young and fun, rather than the numerous traditional style restaurants that line the front

Bringing a welcomed breathe of fresh air to Puerto Banus reasturant scene, Jacks Smokehouse offers contemporary custom designed furnishing, funky style and offers dishes reminiscent of a true Manhattan Island experience

Take your pick from the various authentic burgers, sticky ribs, and delicious calamari whilst taking in that wonderful sun drenched waterfront marina views.

For its location, prices that are surprisingly good! The staff were fun and chatty, the location is great and the food was what you might expect from a BBQ joint, all in all it did the trick and didn’t break the bank, we left happy and full

Oh! & if you like to face outwards and people watch then you’re sorted here!

Website: https://www.jacks-smokehouse.com/



24. Oct, 2018

Thira, 847 00, Greece

This delightful, lush, green little oasis cafe and restaurant can be found right in the centre of Thira town and really needs discovering!

The restaurant is set within the stunning garden grounds, laden with palm trees, flowers, potted plants, shrubs and ferns and features cute little individual candle lit dinner tables (by night) and shade covered lunch tables by day, dotted secretly around the garden space giving a beautiful tranquil feeling of privacy and peace.

With a variety packed Mediterranean menu and wine list to boot, just relax and work your way through both, the food was great, we loved their Greek salad, their fresh fish was mouth-watering and cooked to perfection and the octopus was really up there, not forgetting their fresh fruit and ice cream combinations to refresh the palette, no complaints here, tried and tested with great service too, in fact the staff were actually really lovely.

Pop into Pelican Kipos for either lunch or dinner, a tea or coffee, a glass of wine, bubbles or a cocktail and just soak up the relaxing vibe, away from the madding crowd, just lovely.

This restaurant is just beautiful and a great find in the town of Thira.

Website: https://www.pelicankipos.com/



24. Oct, 2018

Firostefani, Thira 847 00, Greece

Located on the cliffs edge with typical stunning 240 degree Santorini vista views, Volkan is a cool café by day, beautiful open air restaurant by night and super fun open air cinema from dusk, boasting stunning open air views over to Caldera Island from Santorini.

Hosted by a local Greek company that’s no stranger to entertainment, offering delis café and popular restaurants all over the globe, not just in Greece, so they really know what they are doing!

By day enjoy a cool refreshing drink, coffee, brunch or lunch in the luscious open-air courtyard overlooking the famous cliff tops and white-washed buildings of glorious Santorini and in the evening, do the same but by candle light watching the sunset followed by the beautiful capital of Santorini, Thira, twinkle and glow in the moonlight.

Or, as if that wasn’t enough, you can pop into the adorable little open air cinema, adjacent to the resturant, which is cute as a button! And often showing classic films such as Mama Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding..just to get you in the Greek mood, as if you weren’t already!

Don’t forget, if you can make reservations here, this place is very popular and rightly so, the views are second to none and the cuisine, service and ambience isn’t too shabby either!

Website: http://www.volkanontherockscafe.com/



24. Oct, 2018

Firostefani, Thira 847 00, Greece

This tucked away, cosy little café sits perched on a white balcony on the cliff edge overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea and little island cluster (including caldera) right opposite Thira (Santorini’s capital) and on the walking trail towards the nearby town of Osia in an areas called Firostefani,

Café Galini’s seems typically Greek, its elegant décor, laidback ambience and Majestic views don’t disappoint, it’s the perfect place to sit with a delicious cocktail; (night or day) and just stare the some of the most stunning views you will see, anywhere in Greece and there’s NO rush!

As part of the Galini Hotel with its typical Greek stylish architecture, Galini Café is in one of the best locations on the island to gaze upon the famous Santorini Sunsets (and of course, sun rises). Serving international café cuisine (from sandwiches to pasta dishes) expertly prepared and served with a smile, hang out, drink a cocktail, order some nibbles and just enjoy the ambience, this is what ‘it’s’ all about and that have it in heaps!!

Surprisingly empty when we arrived (but it soon filled up)allowing us the best seat in the house, right on the water’s edge with the most magnificent 360 degree views across the bay, words can’t really justify these views! Just get there early if you want the same!.

Website: http://www.galinicafesantorini.com/



24. Oct, 2018

Thira, Santorini Next to the Central Orthodox Cathedral Mitropoleos, Thira 847 00, Greece

After a short strolling around the adorable windy streets and small passages of Thira (Santorini’s capital) and trying to decided which restaurant to choose for dinner that nigh, an old local lady overheard our conversation and immediately introduced herself and began to give us the most amazing run down of the best (in her eyes as a local) restaurant’s in Thira. She arrived in the nic of time as apparently we were contemplating a restaurant that she would not recommend at all, due to the current owners arrogance and less that high standards! (So thanks Mrs Rena, you saved our blushes!).

Thankfully we were now armed with a recommendation for Naoussas “and don’t go anywhere else until you have experienced Naoussas” she kindly suggested and she was right, we loved it! We were told that Naoussa family started the restaurant in 1992 serving only traditional food and it remains like that to this day! still run by the fun-loving brothers Kostas and Kyriakos Tselios.

Offering daily, top quality tasty traditional Greek food & all local recipes, that were both affordable and delicious at the same time & all enjoyed in a no frills cosy family run environment, not to mention the stunning views out over the bay & adjacent islands.

The Moussaka was bursting with traditional Greek flavours, the grilled squid was fresh as a daisy, the fresh line-caught fish was flaky and just melted and the Greek salad was fresh, crisp and didn’t let us down, oh and every now and then, you would here the word Opal! & various plates would be smashed on the floor all around you, hilarious! Proper Greek family run restaurant’s, gotta love em!!!

If you’re after a ‘Real Greek’ restaurant experience, then pop in here, it’s what it’s all about, family run, local and just down right good!

Website: http://naoussa.restaurant/