19. Jan, 2020

Paris - Cinq-Mars

51 Rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris, France

Cinq-Mars is a wonderfully atmospheric little local Parisian restaurant, with no nods to the French Bistro anywhere to be seen and we just fell in love with it.

The decor is very understated but very well thought out, with unadorned (but wonderfully crafted) simple wooden tables and chairs and the days wine list hand-written out on the side of a section wall put in place to separates diners from the kitchen and small bar area.

The food is simple, top quality, elegant and cooked to perfection, every mouthful was a pleasure to behold.

We went for lunch, with the regular main menu to choose from or a very reasonable set lunch menu featuring selected dishes from the main menu in partnership from beautiful homer-made pumpkin soup to oyster mushroom toast, fresh sardines in olive oil to turbot with green beans in garlic cream, the choices go one and all super well thought out, presented and cooked.

The interiors and atmosphere were both warm and welcoming, with constantly smiling, friendly staff never tiring of being helpful and polite.

If you would like to eat in Cinq-Mars, then we would definitely recommend you book ahead, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, the restaurant is not that large so tables (they even have booths!) fill up pretty fast, a testament to this top-notch, adorable little local venue.

We can’t wait to go back!

Website: http://cinq-mars-restaurant.com/