14. Sep, 2019

Dubrovnik - Lady Pi-Pi

Antuninska ul. 23, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

This adorable and traditional restaurant is well worth the slightly strenuous climb up all of  the steps directly from Stradun down below, however, when you reach the views over the town are specular and the food is amazing too.

We’d highly recommend going early if you can, or you may have to queue, its got a justified reputation making it popular, so set out slightly earlier than you had planned as you can’t reserve a table here and you will most definitely want o get it!.

With a beautiful split-level terrace, set amongst the stunning overhanging flora and fauna and gorgeous shady pergolas, your dining experience will be a treat, a small, simple and traditional open air restaurant with top class, locally sourced ingredients making up their wonderfully executed menu and food choices,

With their famous grill at the heart of most dishes, you’d be mad not to try it but there are other choices if you’d prefer. Staples include fresh fish, succulent steaks and tasty sausages, all coming directly from the hot grill coals and complete with the deliciously fragrant aromas yu get from a wood burning grill

If you are in Dubrovnik then Lady Pi-Pi is a must! Don’t miss out, she’s worth it!