14. Sep, 2019

Brna - Konoba Zaratak

Konoba Zaratak Brna 55, Korcula Island 20272, Croatia

A wonderful family run restaurant and a short walk around the idyllic bay in the small village of Brna, just on the other side of the equally beautiful Korcula island

This place is pure heaven and a really great find, hidden amongst the lush trees and hills and offering wonderful views across the bay & inlet, there’s romance, beauty, cozziness and of course, great food and the olive garden terrace just adds to the magic and the atmosphere.

A simple rustic Croatian menu is on offer, with their traditional speciality the Peka taking centre stage (a traditional meat or fish slow cooked pot roast dish, baked for hours to enhance all of its amazing flavours) and just delicious.

This small, family run atmospheric restaurant is probably what you imagine when you think of eating al fresco on an island in Croatia, so it will not disappoint, a stunning location set amongst the cooling trees, a beautiful bay, wonderful local cuisine all perfectly produced and served with a welcoming local smile, Zaratak is wonderfully authentic and wonderfully Croatian, we just loved every minute.

Highly recommended by www.ificould.co.uk