24. Jun, 2019

Paris: Pamela Popo

Pamela Popo, 15 Rue François Miron, 75004 Paris, France

In homage to a local & infamous singing artists (Serge Gainsbourg) song of the same name, enjoy the beautiful cuisine & Parisian setting at the adorable PP.

Tucked away on the charming rue François Miron (4th arrondissement) on a small and quaint terrace, you will find the perfectly petit PP restaurant, fully equipped with its own stylish and comfortable lounge bar on the ground floor before ascending up to the rickety stairs (it a charming old building) to the two room restaurant space, that’s cute as a French button.

In the summer time, the doors are opened wide as the space extends the cosy ground floor bar area where you can sit and relax with a cool cocktail.

The downstairs room is a nice, comfortable lounge for drinks, but for more serious eating, you’ll want to move upstairs to the dining room.

The food on offer was excellent, with French classics galore (melt in the mouth Steak with French fries and steamed vegetables) a wonderful specials board (Duck confit) and all of the information you require to help you make your choices from the wonderful, friendly, attentive and helpful wait staff.

If you can, it’s great to grab a spot outside, however the inside rooms are just as wonderful, filled with ambience, charm, charisma setting the perfect mood.

Tres magnifique

Website:  https://pamelapopo.fr/en/