24. Jun, 2019

Paris: Les Caves Saint Gilles

4 Rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 Paris, France

This wonderful, vibrant, relaxing Parisian institution (even though it’s a Spanish tapas restaurant) is found right in the heart of the beautiful Marais district and just a few steps from the famous Places des Vosges.

An established Parisian go to for wonderful, flavoursome tapas dishes that didn’t not disappoint. Opened in 1992, this vibrant little Tapas bar continues to flourish offering its treat to anyone who like good tapas!

Les Caves Saint-Gilles welcomes you to its little corner haunt, packed with retro vibes, original tiled floors, vintage wooden chairs and dishes full of good things to eat, alone or to share with friends.

Sample the fresh crispy whitebait, Pata Negra (dry grilled giant shrimp/gambas) assorted shell-fish choices, patatas braves, succulent and hearty tortilla or a range of fried fresh fried dishes, wonderful. Small but nice choice of desserts too, the ice cream was yum!

Accompany your meal with a delicious bottle of Spanish wine straight out of the Saint-Gilles cellars, your ticket to wonderful cuisine experience.

Website: http://caves-saint-gilles.fr/