27. Apr, 2019

Parrot Minibar

Vana-Posti 7, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

Well, Parrot Minibar is certainly a place to be explored especially if you like all things Bird! Chic, sophisticated, classy and definitely fun, a great little concept and a great little restaurant (complete with at least a couple of twists)

Think Amazonian Rainforest, think Tropical Paradise, think Exotic cocktails and your there! This is the place of dreams where Chef de cuisine Margo Paluoja conjures up some of the most beautiful and inspired dishes in all of Tallinn.

World class courses were presented one by one and the magic just kept coming all night long, in a word ‘stunning’. A tasty journey that we ‘did not’ want to stop!

The interiors set the scene for the tropical experience, with huge oversized green plants everywhere and the recorded chatter of tropical parrots creating the perfect forest ambience.

Your food journey starts with a full explanation and run through of all of the dishes on the menu, followed by the restaurants concept and how to enjoy it to the max. With a precise explanation from the ‘very’ attentive waiter, the concept immediately becomes clear, its organic, its animalistic its an experience that you wont forget. The instructions are clear, you to eat the first section of dishes with your hands, feeling the food textures and as you go with the second section of dishes eaten with oversized silver tweezers represent the beak of the bird, delicate small pieces of the dish are picked up and eaten, each bite being savoured, with all dishes as exquisite as the previous one

Even the cocktails are a tropical fantasy’s, exotic, bright, fresh and deliciously refreshing, with ingredients such as Camu Camu, a rainforest fruit from Peru and Brazil, just gorgeous but don’t fret, there are some wine selections for those with a more conservative pallet.

Every dish we experienced lived up to hype, and was completely wonderful, exquisite in appearance and sublime in taste and Parrot Minibar is a hard act to follow on the Tallinn foodie scene

The good news is, the fun doesn’t stop there, your second little surprise is the Secret Speakeasy Bar, hidden away below the restaurant in the basement (who knew!!). The presence of the bar is only shared (whispered) as you are planning to leave the restaurant, you are asked (secretly) if you would like to be shown to the secret bar and if so, you are quietly guided towards a closet door, where you coat was originally hung up on entry! ‘Walk inside to the back of the closet and duck’ we were told and hey presto, your inside and once inside you will be thrilled, a beautifully decorated retro 1930s Speakeasy bar and vintage period style drinking rooms await you, request to be seated in the room of your choice and just enjoy a beautifully crafted cocktail to die for! A wonderful little surprise to round off your amazing evening.

World class food and drink, restaurant and overall experience, a real ‘MUST’ whilst in Tallinn.

Highly recommended by www.ificould.co.uk

Website: https://www.facebook.com/parrotminibar/