27. Apr, 2019

Must Puudel

Müürivahe 20, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Every city should have its super trendy café and this is Tallinn’s! This great little space is welcoming, relaxing and very friendly, offering everything a café should, great sandwiches, snacks, coffee’s, tea’s, cakes, gluten, lactose and meat free dishes are all available and there’s alcohol served too.

The décor is Tres modern with numerous contemporary art works adorning the walls, lovely stylish contemporary luxurious furniture and lighting fittings in each room (a little maze of joined up rooms are yours for the taking) the larger room is great for people watching with the small more cosier rooms offering a more intimate and quieter feel.

We didn’t eat but the food did look good, we drank really good coffee and slurped on delicious fresh juice at very reasonable prices, just pick your pue there’s a cosy courtyard and seating out front (if you want to be seen).

Pop in to Puudel to socialise, grab a bite or drink the night away (its open till the wee small hours during the weekends) and if you like edgy alternative music then this is the place is for you (there’s even Red-hot DJs playing all weekend)

Go on, hang with the in-crowd at Puudel, they won’t bite!

Website: https://m.facebook.com/mustpuudel/