24. Oct, 2018


Next to the Central Orthodox Cathedral Mitropoleos, Thira 847 00, Santorini, Greece

After a short strolling around the adorable windy streets and small passages of Thira (Santorini’s capital) and trying to decided which restaurant to choose for dinner that nigh, an old local lady overheard our conversation and immediately introduced herself and began to give us the most amazing run down of the best (in her eyes as a local) restaurant’s in Thira. She arrived in the nic of time as apparently we were contemplating a restaurant that she would not recommend at all, due to the current owners arrogance and less that high standards! (So thanks Mrs Rena, you saved our blushes!).

Thankfully we were now armed with a recommendation for Naoussas “and don’t go anywhere else until you have experienced Naoussas” she kindly suggested and she was right, we loved it! We were told that Naoussa family started the restaurant in 1992 serving only traditional food and it remains like that to this day! still run by the fun-loving brothers Kostas and Kyriakos Tselios.

Offering daily, top quality tasty traditional Greek food & all local recipes, that were both affordable and delicious at the same time & all enjoyed in a no frills cosy family run environment, not to mention the stunning views out over the bay & adjacent islands.

The Moussaka was bursting with traditional Greek flavours, the grilled squid was fresh as a daisy, the fresh line-caught fish was flaky and just melted and the Greek salad was fresh, crisp and didn’t let us down, oh and every now and then, you would here the word Opal! & various plates would be smashed on the floor all around you, hilarious! Proper Greek family run restaurant’s, gotta love em!!!

If you’re after a ‘Real Greek’ restaurant experience, then pop in here, it’s what it’s all about, family run, local and just down right good!

Website: http://naoussa.restaurant/