24. Oct, 2018

PK Cocktail Bar

Thira 847 00, Santorini, Greece

PK is just one of those places in Thera you can’t miss and you ‘really’ need to stop for a drink. That View, is just one of the best in Thera (Santorini) and a visit to Santorini just wouldn’t be a visit without stopping off here for a bubble or a classy cocktail or two, sipped whilst taking in THAT unforgettable 360 degree view.

Breath-taking (and we mean break taking views) just compliment your seriously delicious cocktail in one of the world’s most beautiful cocktail locations in the world.

The unmissable (and famous in Thira) arched doorway frames the majestic views out and across the bay and just calls your name to enter.

Apparently all ingredients are freshly made and artificial syrups or flavourings are never used, which is a nice touch, and softens the blow as it is a little expensive compared to other drinking venues along the same stretch, but you are also paying for the amazing ambience experience, on a cliff edge balcony garden complete with pretty foliage, flickering candles and cute little wrought iron tables in one of Thera’s top destination bars overlooking the infamous and incredible sun sets out over the bay.

Please note, it may get a little chilly at night, as you are exposed to the elements but don’t fret, the staff will gladly offer you cosy blankets if you happen to feel a chill

Stunning location right in the heart of Thera Town

Website: https://paliakameni.com/