21. Sep, 2018


Sturegatan 4A, 753 14 Uppsala, Sweden


Well, we finally made it to Messob, Uppsala's first African restaurant and it was well worth the wait, the food was traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean at its best, bursting with flavour which fully filled both our intrigue and hunger, perfectly.

Apparently Messob is the name of a small Ethiopian dining table and stands for the good community which occurs when you eat together with family or dear friends and we certainly enjoyed that. Large oversized sharing trays bursting with traditional goodies and flavour that we all happily tucked into serving delicious combinations of both meat and vegetarian options, all sat on top of the famous giant pancake/bread that’s ripped of in sections, holds the food and just melts in the mouth, gorgeous!

There’s even traditionally selected drinks on offer (ale from South Africa in the south to Morocco in the north and the best personally selected wines directly from the South Africa Vin yards) to give you that total African experience.

We also have to give a BIG shout out to the waitress, who single handily managed the whole restaurant (and it was very busy) on her own due to other staff sickness and did a fantastic, cool headed job keeping the whole restaurant afloat and everyone in it very happy indeed making us all feel welcome, fed and content. 10/10 to her for her sheer dedication, commitment and professionalism, very well-done and a great lesson to be learned.

To our great surprise, this restaurant gets very busy, nightly! So book in advance, we nearly missed out with having no booking and you don’t want to do that!


Website: http://restaurangmessob.se/