12. Sep, 2018

450 Gradi

Periskopvägen 19, 181 55 Lidingö, Sweden

Take a little trip out to the island of Lidingö in Käppala and you will be rewarded with fantastic wood fired stone oven baked pizza’s and an atmosphere that would be hard to beat!!

Partly owned by a ‘real’ Italian and the Swedish former football pro Jesper Blomqvist (Manchester United) and who also took part in the Swedish version of Lets Dance, his love real Italian pizza really shines through.

Super friendly staff will make your visit fun and the food will have you leaving content! A local gem that ticks all the boxes, great service, great atmosphere and great food (ingredients) it won’t let you down, if you like Italian food and especially Neapolitan (Campania) style pizzas then this is a great place to stop by

So lets go through some of the basics, a Neapolitan pizza has a thick and softer outer crust, always circular, great quality ingredients and always with that lovely slightly charred perfection in the crust made in less than a couple of minutes in a.

The red and white checkered tablecloths, candle lit tables and stunning views over the water will seal the deal, buzzy, fun and tasty, jkust a few of the words that fit this place perfectly!

Oh and a definite MUST!!! You have to try their individual speciality, the nutella pizza with blueberries and strawberries! We tasted it, we thought we wouldn’t like it and guess what!! We loved it!!! You just have to, go on just do it!!! You will be sorry if you don’t!!!

Website: https://www.450gradi.se/